The Locket Project's Guide to Gifting



You are reading this article because you want to give The Locket Project to someone you love. 

You are hoping to find a way to support, honor and care for them. Good on you.

The Locket Project is not a typical gift. It is a gift of self-healing, so the recipient has to be on board.

We want to appreciate you for taking a few extra moments to pause and reflect.
Before you gift this to another person:

Check-in with yourself. Familiarize yourself with own intentions.
Sit and take a few deep breaths. Go inside and ask yourself:
"Is this gift in any way for me?"
Are there feelings you're having that you'd like to go away? Or feelings your loved one is having that you'd like to take away? It's okay if the answer is yes.
It's very human and very conditioned in us to want to take away suffering.  
Are you able to give this and feel that you do not need anything from the recipient? 
Can you give this as an offering?
If you have decided that you feel very clean about your purpose, then move on to this next step.
You might feel ready to ask directly: Would it be okay to buy this for you?

And then listen for the answer. 
Yes is a good, clear go'head. 
Pretty much everything else is a no. Simple as that. No explanation or justification needed.
An alternative suggestion:

Purchase the Locket Project, offer it in a closed box, and tell the recipient:

"I saw this and thought of you. You are in no way obligated to receive this gift, I will take it back with no hurt feelings. Open it in your own time. I love you."

If this route feels right to you, know that Crown Nine will accept returns for this item, no questions asked.

Support comes in many, many forms. Often, the most potent support is pure presence by putting your full attention on the moment.

We hope this article was a help to you ~  thanks for reading.