Jason D.

"This was the first time I purchased a ring for anyone and I was surprised at how many details there were to consider. Kate Ellen gracefully guided me through the details of ring selection process, sharing her expertise and enthusiasm. I left our conversations feeling informed and empowered to choose the right ring to commemorate my engagement with my partner. The experience was joyful from start to finish."


"If you’re wondering if you should own a beautiful piece of this jewelry, the answer is...yes! I found Crown Nine while scrolling through Pinterest, followed a link, and fell in love. Kate Ellen’s work is so bridal yet causal and classic. This pair of rings I have match with all the other gold and silver piece I own.

I never saw these rings in person until my engagement day and wedding day. We just took a leap of faith and they are exactly as expected. High quality, unique, a little rustic with a bright happy sparkle!"


"We were deep in wedding planning when Covid hit in March of 2020. Like many other couples, we postponed our large wedding but still planned to elope.

Kate set up a call with my fiance and I- we had a ton of questions, and she patiently answered them all. After our call, Kate sent a video where she tried on different bands with a Meadow ring like mine. She included some of the styles I was thinking about, as well as styles I hadn't considered, which was great because the one I chose didn't initially catch my eye.

The best part was that because I had the video to reference, I was able to take my time and go through all of the various options even more so than I could in person. 

Throughout the pickup and resizing process, Kate and Christina have been incredibly communicative. The team had our orders ready and safety was a top priority. The team has gracefully responded to the pandemic in such a way that has embraced and strengthened their community. I am grateful I get to wear these rings every day and that I may be able to pass them along to my loved ones in the future."


"Working with Crown Nine was so seamless and easy! Everyone we met from the shop were incredibly helpful and patient with the whole process from trying on SO many styles, finding the perfect rings, picking up the rings after purchase, resizing to make them absolutely perfect, and even their cleaning process right before our big day! I love that their rings are super special and unique- I can’t tell you how many compliments we both get."

Lucas S.

"Kate and her team did an amazing job of working with me to create the exact ring I wanted: size, shape, texture and finish. We were able to do it all virtually and I am thrilled with every aspect of my ring."

Linda L.

"Working with Kate to redesign my heirloom wedding set was magic. She took time to understand my preferences, add her artistic perspective, and work within our budget. Kate was warm, professional, responsive, and thorough. Getting to wear my set now every day is such a joy."


"Crown Nine is truly a special place filled with sparkle and passion. The care and love that Kate Ellen puts into all of her pieces is carried throughout the entirety of the shop. Not only are all the pieces stunning, but I was thrilled to find a local and woman owned business that focuses on supporting other women.

Kate’s accessibility and warmth made our wedding ring shopping experience feel both important and easy. We referred our friends and they were thrilled with the custom ring Kate crafted for them. We would highly recommend Crown Nine for anyone looking for a unique piece you can feel good about purchasing. We are so grateful for all the help Kate gave us during our wedding ring process."

Katie S.

"My engagement ring and wedding band are both Crown Nine pieces and I couldn’t love them more. My boyfriend guessed my ring size, and my engagement ring was slightly too big. Resizing was a breeze, even from afar! I shipped my ring to Oakland from San Luis Obispo and had it back within a week or so. I adore the intentional and unique design and plan to add another to my stack in honor of my new baby."


“I was looking for sustainably sourced, unique, and matching bands for my husband and I. Crown Nine has the most beautiful pieces, and they were able to accommodate my request to match the bands with their wisteria texture after chatting the shop via their website! It was a smooth process and we received the most beautiful rings ever within a few weeks!”

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