Love for all

Our most central mindset is that all people deserve love and wellbeing. We aim to welcome all, including people who have historically been marginalized while shopping for luxury or wedding products based on gender, orientation, race, class or other intersection. We have done away with outdated terms like bride/groom and instead curate our designs by style type- we consider them to all to be without gender. There are no 'correct' traditions or rituals- whether shopping together or planning a surprise or a mix of both, we are here to make the process gratifying and reflective of your values.


We believe in taking good care- of self, of others, and the planet.

Handmade in Sebastopol, CA

The Vow Collection and Our Label are designed by our founder and goldsmith, Kate Ellen, and produced in-house with her team in Sebastopol. This ensures that we can oversee the highest level of craftwork goes into every design with direct oversight of every detail, while also supporting other local small businesses in the Bay Area. 

Land acknowledgement

Our shop is located in Sebastopol, the original people of this land are the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo past, present and future; now recognized as the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. We acknowledge their long history of environmental stewardship and relationship with this land, and the devastation of colonialization that shapes all aspects of our world today. We see our part in supporting the movement to rematriate the land back to indigenous stewardship through activism, decolonization of self and our community, and material contributions.

Responsible sourcing

We have developed relationships with like-minded partners for sourcing the highest quality raw materials for crafting our jewelry; they share our philosophy on environmental protection and social responsibility.

Ethical practices

- Reuse of key materials 
- Limit new mining; oppose large-scale mining
- Work with artisanal miners and Fair-mined options
- Minimize energy use and carbon footprint
- Respect personhood and human dignity
- Honor historic and cultural practices
- Regenerative environmental practices
- Participate in advocacy and policy change

Sustainable design

We’ve mastered sourcing the most ethical and sustainable raw materials, but we believe sustainability actually starts before the sourcing stage: it begins with creating designs that transcend trends, that feel evergreen and eternal, and are constructed to last generations. 

The ultimate in sustainable living comes from choosing to consume less, choosing our items thoughtfully with love, and then caring for them to last. We believe that creating for the ages means that every well-loved item has a place in our heart now and in the future.

Slow down and enjoy

Taking one's time is so undervalued in our culture, that's why we are champions of this form of thoughtfulness. We never put pressure on our clients, whether you’re looking at an engagement ring or a simple pair of hoops. Impulsive shopping just isn’t our thing. We don’t work on commission for this very reason: we want you to choose soulfully and enjoy it lifelong. 

Slowing down also means that we set a pace of business that takes care of our bodies and the wellness of our families - prioritizing all that matters most to us. This frees us to craft your heirloom joyfully.

Designed with intention

Our company, like our products, is designed to do social good and be restorative because we see our responsibility everywhere; to our clients, our employees, our neighbors, our country, and our planet. We give an average of 8% of our net profit each year. 

Size inclusive

Choosing jewelry to honor your life milestones and wear on your skin should be easy and delightful, for every body. We have expanded our entire Vow Collection to run from size 3 through 16, including half and quarter sizes, offering 52 sizes in total. We believe that all people in all bodies should have easy access without any extra effort or specialization.

We have also expanded our chain length offerings on both necklaces and bracelets. We will continue to expand these offerings, as well as feature models with all kinds of bodies in future campaigns.

Sustainable packaging

Today, brand logos can be printed on just about anything, all in the name of un-boxing, but this all branded material often goes directly into the garbage because it cannot be easily reused. That's why we have selected beautifully made high-quality boxes that beg to be reused and have chosen to go logo-free so you can even re-gift them. Expect our shipments with low-waste: no packing slips, extra papers or promotional materials. Our entire outer shipment box and contents is made from recycled materials and is recyclable: tape, label, sticker, tissue and all. 

Full circle sourcing

Just like you, we care deeply about where we buy products and who those purchases support. We no longer use Amazon at all for any of our business needs (honestly, it wasn't that hard!)- we now get all our needs met by small, and when possible, local businesses. We also boycott Uline (and we think all progressive businesses should too). We love to purchase from local, woman, queer, BIPOC owned businesses whenever possible, and try to avoid items that are produced using private prison labor.

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