Established 2011

Our story

Founded by goldsmith, Kate Ellen, Crown Nine is the designer's showroom and studio, now located in Sebastopol, Ca. We focus on crafting beloved heirlooms sourced with the most responsible and beautiful raw materials, designed with just you in mind. Our aim is to make timeless pieces suitable for generational wear.

Our vision is connect people to wonder, beauty, story.

Our founder | she/her

Kate Ellen, Goldsmith

Raised in the Redwood forests of West Marin, founder Kate Ellen grew up playing in creeks and roaming feral in meadows. A love for all elements and beings has been at the heart of her life journeys.

The work you see gathered here is crafted with a profound love & attention using techniques both ancient and new. She has 15 years experience as a jeweler and is a gifted guide for her clients - offering an experience that honors the emotional energy of a design.

She is also a multidisciplinary artist, permaculturist, singer-songwriter & conscious entrepreneurship coach.

She lives up a dirt road in Sonoma County with her two young children and dog, Jim Dude, and is slowly teaching herself guitar and piano.

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Our studio

We design and craft all our designs in our studio, using an array of ancient and modern techniques and tools to ensure the highest integrity of each design. Our studio is home to our beloved vintage hand-tool collection and jewelry benches where we fabricate, wax-carve, mold, solder, saw, and expertly construct our Vow Collection and our label of fine jewelry.

Our boutique

The showroom is about connection- to each other, to expression, meaning, art, and beauty. Designed to be welcoming and relaxing- a place where people can come to explore and just enjoy a moment of peace. The boutique is open for in-person visits by appointment only.

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