Post pandemic we are all reinventing ourselves - we're recalibrating what is most important and valuable and making big choices on how to move forward in life. This has been incredibly liberating for me - every choice I make that brings me more into alignment with my authentic self is life a gigantic breath of fresh air. 

So, next up! We’re gonna experiment! 

For the next year or so we are going to only log on to Instagram one time per month to do a portfolio dump of completed work. I’ll feature anywhere from 6-15 squares of juicy real-life images of projects I’ve completed, and that’s it! 

Like most folks, I have a complex relationship with Instagram. As a business, I’m told that I must to use this “free” platform and be engaged all the time.


But it’s not free. And it takes a lot of time and money to have a follow-worthy feed. More importantly, it takes my attention. Now that I am a mother of two incredibly hilarious, active and sensitive toddlers- my attention is golden. It is SO VALUABLE. 

I won’t drone on and on about the pitfalls of Instagram- I’m sure you’re thinking about these things too and have seen the articles, documentaries, news reports and whatnot about how this technology impacts our lives. 

What I will emphasize is this: the thing I LOVE about Instagram is the feeling I get when I share my work with folks in my community and Inner Circle, and y'all share back your real life experience with my work (photos of engagements, births, weddings... all the warm smooshies). Then, I feel like I’m having a conversation, a real connection. That is so lovely and I thought I would experiment with keeping that going.


So from here out, if you wanna stay in the loop, once a month I'll be posting everything all at once in one big dump of images/posts. You can follow along and periodically get a deep dive look into what I'm up to as an artist, a little mini gallery showing if you want to think of it that way. And then, you can just tune back into your life and other interests until the next show. 


So bye bye Instagram strategy! No more content creation, captions, tags, collaborations, analytics, worry about growing a following. I'll report back in a few months about how it is going.


Hope to see you out there xo


In freedom & fun,
Kate Ellen