The Locket Project

A sacred talisman designed to honor pregnancy and child loss in all its forms. Discover this powerful tool for healing and the rituals that reside within.

The invitation

A sacred talisman designed to honor pregnancy and child loss in all its forms. This powerful tool for healing is an invitation for anyone who has experienced miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or child loss. If this is you:

you have been on a long journey and are deeply deserving of tribute.

This project beckons you integrate any shadow that may remain by gently coax it into the light. It's a moment to acknowledge the wisdom you’ve gained along the way. It is a warm welcome to tell your story, whether it happened yesterday or 30 years ago.

The LocketThe Locket

The Locket

Crown Nine

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Crafted to hold the entire mosaic of life and death.

The inspiration

"After losing a pregnancy, I was yearning for a way to honor my loss in a tender and beautiful way. I was unable to speak about my experience for a long time.

I stayed positive, carried on, and just put it aside. I didn’t realize until later how much this impacted my health.

I created the Locket initially just for myself, but it was healing in ways I could have never imagined. 

The transformation manifested each time I wore it on my body. Then each time I showed someone else the little mechanism and what hid inside.

Then slowly, I shared little pieces of my story too.

To my astonishment people would confide that they shared a similar experience. It was healing for me to know I was not alone and that by activating my voice, it gave others the power to tell their truth too.”

— Kate Ellen, goldsmith / founder

Ritual is the simple act of making meaning of your life.

Complete the journey

As a culture we are without rituals, ceremonies or services to mark these rites of passage. At the time, you may have yearned for something to validate your experience but maybe not even had the words for that desire. You may have experienced it as a sensation of incompleteness. 

Without a clear way to say ‘this happened to me,’ you may have kept it very private, maybe totally locked away. Sadly, when you are unable to celebrate the meaning of your own life, it also locks away your wisdom, your strength, your compassion, and your interconnectedness with the larger web of life.

The ritual

To open up a space for you to mark this event in your life, Kate Ellen handcrafted a ritual that is included in each box that can be done as a self-guided initiation or with others as your witnesses. Inside your box will be a variety of tools and guidance on conducting your own, personalized ritual. An accompanying audio guide of the ritual is also available for download. 

The vision

With the simple act of honoring and tending to your own story and self-healing, you can contribute to a cultural shift where we bring these diverse experiences into the light of consciousness without shame, fear, or isolation. By healing yourself, you create a widening ripple of acceptance, openness, empathy, and courage to all those around you, and for the generations after you. 

The studio

All Lockets are handcrafted in the Crown Nine studio by Kate Ellen herself, gently holding your experience in her own hands and heart as she works. Pre-orders typically take about 4 weeks to prepare and ship to you.

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The ethos

The Locket is crafted in solid 14k Fairmined yellow gold, hung on a solid 14k Fairmined yellow gold chain in the length of your choosing. Our commitment to people and planet is primary to all our work, sourcing in the most responsible and traceable methods available. Made with heirloom quality craftsmanship, the Locket is built to be passed to the next generation. 

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The financial exchange

This is much more than an economic transaction — this is about connection.

For the debut release, we are proudly offering our very first sliding scale pricing structure.

It is a community based value exchange — because starting right now, in this moment, we can co-create the world we want to live in.  We can acknowledge disparity in our financial privileges and seek to creatively solve that problem, together.

1% of all sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

The next generation

“My children love playing with my locket, opening and closing it with their tiny fingers, and they ask me questions and we talk. They know my story, so they will not be stunned later in life to discover a secret from my past. The experience has been so normalized within our family.”

— Kate Ellen, goldsmith / founder

"To do a ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way. The inner willingness is what makes the ritual come alive and have power. If you aren't willing to be changed by the ritual, don't do it." — Starhawk

Dive deep

Listen to the Little Door Podcast episode with creator, Kate Ellen, that delves into her personal story in more depth and speaks to the project and vision.

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