Kate Ellen | Owner + Head Designer

is a Bay Area native, former teacher and social worker who was called to metalsmithing in 2008. What started as a personal expression naturally evolved into a company, and in 2011 she opened the doors to her flagship boutique Crown Nine in the heart of Old Oakland.

Kate Ellen’s vision for the store centers around creating a welcoming space for beauty, inspiration, and responsibly crafted jewelry that takes good care of people and planet.

As for her jewelry, her work is intended to look and feel handmade with rich textures that appear like archaeological discoveries dug up from the earth. She explores interpreting time honored traditions in jewelry making through her own aesthetic voice. 

"Quiet time at the bench is where I feel most alive. I love the fire, the mess, the tools, and ultimately the beauty that emerges from all that chaos."



has been the shop leader since 2013 and jewelry designer of her eponymous line of weighty and symbolic pieces that are dense with tactile details. She runs the daily operations of the shop, is a great person to consult when looking for the perfect engagement ring, and is just a lovely gal to just have a chat with if you're in the neighborhood. She is a plant-lover, home chef, and art and record enthusiast.



is a CCA graduate in jewelry studies with extensive experience crafting and repairing fine jewelry in the Bay Area. Alice works at the bench making our wedding and engagement rings side-by-side with Kate Ellen and also can be found on the shop floor taking care of folks for consultations and routine maintenance needs. She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion, as well as a listening, calm demeanor that makes her a pleasure to work with and is likely why she has such exquisite detail in her handcraft.  




is a jeweler of her own line, Coyote Willow, focused on silversmithing and semi precious gemstones. She is a friendly face dedicated to assisting clients all gift-giving, marking of milestones, ceremonial rings, and any occasion to treat oneself to something special.