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Jean-Noel Soni with son Henry
 Jean Noel at the bench with his son and inspiration Henry


Kate Ellen works closely with gem-cutting rock-star Jean-Noel Soni to select and create custom rings featuring his precise and one-of-a-kind designs. The infamous and award winning gem cutter approaches each crystal family and each piece of rough stone as an individual to be honored, working with his sense of intuition to bring out the best and most interesting qualities of that species and each stone.

The tattoo clad designer tends little care for the established cuts that dominate the current market, yet he simultaneously deeply respects the legacy of his trade and the history of how stone cutting has evolved over time. The scintillating gems produce more than just a visually dazzling display, they also evoke an ethereal wonder.

Kate Ellen loves working with Jean-Noel. "First Jean-Noel himself is so fun and easy to collaborate with-- he brings a vitality and enthusiasm that is really energizing-- he brings super good vibes which is paramount to me because I truly believe that artists put something of themselves into their work that remains. His stones are jaw-dropping; whenever I see one for the first time it feels like nothing else-- just pure joy and beauty."


 Montana Sapphire ring by Kate Ellen with stone by Top Notch Faceting

Montana Sapphire Ring by Kate Ellen


The process for designing a custom ring using Jean-Noel's begins with an inspiration stone-- clients usually look through the @topnotchfaceting Instagram account and find stones the desired color or shape. From there he selects a piece of rough material-- usually sapphire, garnet, spinel, or phenakite-- and he gets going on cutting a custom stone.


Kate Ellen begins her design work once the stone arrives finished and uses it as the basis for her inspiration. The mounting is crafted to that stone, the shape, faceting patterns, and light refracting map the direction of the ring. Budget extra time for buying on of these rings, Jean-Noel's work is in high demand and usually has a waitlist.


Pink spinel engagement ring by Kate Ellen and Top Notch Faceting

Pinkish Purple Spinel custom engagement ring by Kate Ellen



top notch faceting Sunstone custom cut green and yellow



Rough gemstones by Top Notch Faceting

 Sapphire rough in hand



top notch faceting custom cut stone
Handcut Zircon gemstone



Custom engagement ring by Kate Ellen with Montana sapphire cut by Top Notch Faceting

Montana sapphire ring by Kate Ellen



Jean-Noel focuses on sustainable material from around the world, primarily from Sri Lanka, Africa, and even Montana. He cuts stones with both beauty and waste reduction in mind. His totally unique approach has garnered him awards from The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Trade Association.


To start a project using one of Jean-Noel's stones, hit us up. Kate Ellen is always especially stoked and inspired working with his artwork.

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