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Our ORIGINS blog series is back y'all and we're kicking it off with the lovely Claire Sommers Buck. We've carried Claire's work in the shop for awhile now- her earthy, southwest-inspired pieces are some of Crown Nine shoppers faves.  

Enjoy our chat with Claire below. xo


C9:  Why do you make art? 

CSB: I make art, specifically jewelry, because it feeds my passion to work with my hands. I love being able to manipulate a material into something wearable and have people truly connect and interact with my work on a daily basis. 

C9: How has your work changed over time?

CSB: My technical and conceptual skills have become much more refined since I first started making jewelry. I currently spend more time in the design process, analyzing themes and methods of production. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that jewelry design and fabrication is now my full time gig. It’s really fun, however, to look back on my older creations and feel the raw innocence and wild spirit that personify them.   

C9: How do you know when a piece is finished?

CSB: This can be a tricky decision and one that most artists can agree is the most difficult when designing a piece. I generally know when a piece is finished when the comfort and elegance of the design cross paths. 


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