Locket Project - Ritual Preparation and Nourishment

Nourishment # 1 - Audio

Today you are receiving the first of the audio companions for the Locket Project. 

In this episode, you can hear my whole backstory and how this talisman came to be. 

I also share my trippy thoughts on how small acts of self-healing can impact a widening ripple of cultural evolution.

It's an optional listen. It's just one story. Take it in if it feels right, leave it here if it's not calling to you.

Thank you for sharing this journey,

Kate Ellen


Nourishment # 2 - Plant Companion - Yarrow

Today you are receiving the first plant companion profiles for the Locket Project. Think of it as a little poem of attributes. My hope is that by sharing a little about these plants, you will connect with a few that might support you during your ritual and beyond.

You will receive 3 plants profiles, with basics on their medicinal and energetic properties. I intentionally selected some plants that are easy to find. Most of these plants grow in many ecosystems & you might find some of them growing right in your yard.  

What I am sharing is some of my lay knowledge from my burgeoning study of herbalism. I encourage you to turn to a trusted herbalist/doctor before ingesting any of these plants because that is outside my expertise.

Plant medicine is much more than 'taking herbs' to what ails us. Plants are energetic beings like you and me, so eating or drinking these plants is not at all required to receive healing benefit or to create a relationship with them. 





Wound healer

Stopper of bleeding - both externally, internally and metaphysically

Womb tender

Harmonizer of transitions

Smooths out emotional fluctuations that feel too intense

Spiritual protector

Assists in solidifying boundaries

Aligns power with tenderness

A bit playful


Nourishment # 3 - Journal Prompt

Today, you are receiving a few short journal prompts to prepare you for your upcoming ritual. I know that for myself, the idea of this level of self-devotion and care is really appealing, but actually implementing it into action feels a little intimidating. It requires some intentional thinking and planning. Will I just fantasize about honoring myself in this way, or will I actually call in the resources I need to actualize this desire?

These prompts are here to support you in affirming your desired ritual. They are meant for you to respond to on paper, by voice memo, by simply contemplating while on a walk or during meditation. It is your time and space to create the healing intention for yourself in preparation for actualizing your ritual into reality. 


  • Have you ever participated in a ritual or rite of passage before? What was that like for you? How did you feel before and after? 
  • Do you have any associations with the word ritual?
  • Do you feel you're allowed to create ritual for yourself? 
  • Is there anything scary, unknown, or unfamiliar that might have you blocked?
  • When you think of this ritual, do any images or symbols come to your mind that feel affirming, warm, welcoming, or exciting?


Nourishment # 4 - Plant Companion - Rose

Meet your next plant companion, one you likely already have a relationship with.




Ancient heart healer

Grief tender

Giver of strength to explore sadness and grief without getting lost

Psychic protector with it's boundary enforcing thorns 

Nurtures and softens world weary hearts 

Immune supporter

Cooling astringent 

Exalter of beauty

Symbol of heart chakra, home of love and devotion



Nourishment # 5 - Journal Prompts

Today, the journal prompts revolve around setting the scene for your ritual, by thinking of who will be there. 

This is an especially important step to contemplate, and one that might require a few brave moments if you decide that you would like others to be involved in your ceremony.

Brave because you will be asking people to show up for you, and brave because you will occupy and take up space. This can be an unfamiliar or even uncomfortable feeling for some of us, especially if we have done a lot of caretaking for others, putting ourselves last, isolated ourselves, or had any fear of being seen. 

These prompts are here to support you in crafting a ritual in whatever way you want. There is no wrong way to do it, so take time to consider your desires and have full permission to honor them.



  • When you imagine hosting your ritual, do you envision it as a solo experience or do you imagine being witnessed by other people?
  • If you'd like to be witnessed by humans, who is there in your mind? If you could have your ideal circle of people holding you in this experience (living or not), who would they be? Put logistics and other discomforts aside, just imagine your most safe, loving, supportive, non-judgmental circle of people around you. Who are they?
  • Imagine: someone very beloved to you approaches and asks you to support and participate with them in a ritual of healing. How does this make you feel to be included? 
  • If you are imagining a solo ritual, is there a place, element, spirit, or animal that can serve as a witness for you?


Nourishment # 6 - Plant Companion - Bergamot



Grief tender

Puts your mind in 'rightful place' —  

understanding you are at the right place, right time and in the right moment

Anxiety and depression reliever

Hands you a regal scepter and crown - making you the authority in your life


Sleep supporter

Boosts esteem and ability to make decisions

Helps in developing your own spiritual, emotional, and energetic neutrality

Supports inner awareness to give strength



Hope you're making some little connections to these plant beings. 

Let me know if I can support you in discovering more. 


Nourishment # 7 - Journal Prompt

Your last grouping of journal prompts are intended to bring the logistics into focus for you. This is a bit of 'set and setting' forethought will carry you very far when those moments of doubt might creep in. You can do this, it's as easy as considering and planning for the following:




  • WHERE: Do you have a quiet, safe place you can imagine doing your ritual? It can be indoors or outdoors - a place that resonates with you as a place you can be vulnerable.
  • WHAT: Do you have any mindfulness, spiritual, or religious practices that you want to incorporate? Meditation, visualization, prayer, movement, song, or other element? Photos of ancestors? Plants companions? 
  • WHEN: Look at your calendar and set a date for your ritual
  • WHO: From our previous prompts, you might have gathered a guest list - now it's time to invite them. Below is an example of a simple script. 


Dear loved one,


As you know, I went through __________ (experience). On _______(date), I am hosting a ritual and ceremony to honor that experience and I'm inviting you because ___________. I would love for you to serve the important role of ______________ (witness, reader, prayer offering, candle lighter, tea pourer, singer, etc). Will you be able to join me?


Nourishment # 8 - Your official Audio Guide


Today you are receiving your Ritual Audio Guide for the Locket Project. 


In this guide, you will be walked through the steps of the ritual. You can approach using it in a few ways:


∘ Listen in full to prepare yourself. You can gather your own materials, thoughts, people, intentions, and practices beforehand using the audio guide as a simple outline. When the time comes, you can return to it or use the printed version that will be arriving soon in your kit.


∘ Listen in real time. You can listen as you do the ritual, pausing when needed. It might help to hear it in full once before actually starting so you can think and gather ahead of time. If you plan on doing the ritual solo it can be a lovely support. It's also a nice tool to share with anyone you are inviting into a ceremony with you - to help them feel confident and prepared to support you.


This is a private audio file that you're welcome to stream or download, we ask that it only be shared with folks who will be participating in your ritual. 


Download your audio guide here > 


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