unveil the sacred

Spirit Offerings

Bridging art and ceremony to ritualize your life milestones

An enduring symbol of love between parent & child

Bond of Love Ring

We're reimagining what an heirloom can be by joining parents to craft a custom ring adorned with their child's birthstone — a powerful symbol of their unwavering love — that later becomes the totem for a powerful rite of passage for the child.

Begin the legacy

Ceremony for your sacred moments

Ritual Craft

Work with artist and guide, Kate Ellen, in crafting bespoke rituals and ceremonies tailored to your life's most significant moments, infusing both your jewelry and your life with deep meaning and purpose.

Whether you're preparing for a joyous union, a birth, navigating the depths of loss, or embarking on a new chapter, we are here to guide you. With her sensitive and expert coaching, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, creating rituals that reflect and honor your beautiful, unique path.

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Talisman for pregnancy & child loss

Locket Project

Discover profound healing and tribute with the Locket, inspired and designed by artist Kate Ellen through her own pregnancy loss journey. This exquisite talisman is thoughtfully designed to honor folks who have walked the path of pregnancy and child loss in all its forms.

If you find yourself among these resilient souls, know that you are not alone. The Locket can serve as testament to your strength and a heartfelt honoring of your journey.

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music as muse

The Creative Act Project

The project, inspired by Rick Rubin's The Creative Act: A Way of Being begins with a vibrant playlist, carefully curated by you. Kate Ellen is taking over 8 hours of music and discovering the hidden shapes that dwell within each sound.

With each song, she sketches what unfolds, the essence of the music in jewelry form. Each sketch is a visual interpretation, a testament to the emotions and energy that reverberate through the music.

Join us on Instagram as we share this artistic odyssey, where sketches intertwine with stories, and music intertwines with movement. Together, we will celebrate the birth of a handful of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, each infused with the soul of the music that inspired it.