Heirloom Recraft

Energize your unused jewelry or family heirlooms
to create a treasure to honor daily


The most beloved

Many of us have jewelry sitting in a box somewhere, tucked away but still nipping at our minds. It's outdated, outgrown, or you've moved on. What to do with it now?

Our sustainability ethos is centered around honoring all our objects, including those that many have run their course and need some tender care to become appreciated again.

We specialize in transforming that dated piece of family jewelry, the wedding/engagement set that never felt or no longer feels 'you', or the ring that marks a relationship that has transitioned.

How it feels

Caring guidance

You have sentimental and valuable materials, but you're unsure of how to begin again.

You will work directly with Kate Ellen, founder/goldsmith, who is expert in connecting all the logistical and aesthetic dots, but more powerfully is versed in supporting you with the emotional energy that comes with working with objects that hold a lot of meaning, history and significance.

Making clear decisions about your personal expression in material form can powerfully change your emotional and spiritual experience of self. Clients who go through this process report feeling more confident, witnessed, integrated, honored, and held.

How it works

Heirloom Design Package

Start by connecting with the artist and apply have your project considered. Matched projects will receive an hour direct consultation, in person or by phone, to discuss your materials and your vision.

You will see the Vow Collection and discuss design ideas, define your lifestyle, and get a deeper orientation to the design process.

Your package includes

Assistance with getting the correct paperwork arranged to certify and insure your design prior to initiating work, including referrals for appraisal

Our in-house heirloom inspection and informal report

Gemstone extraction from original setting, with option to keep, reset, or credit the original mounting

CAD rendering of 2 concepts with a round of simple edits of one of the concepts to preview your final design selection

15 minute follow up call

Priority placement into the artist’s production queue

Personalized education on ring care and maintenance

Lifetime warranty on your mounting, including free inspections, cleanings, and refinishing.

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An artist's perspective

"Transforming heirlooms is one of the most potent forms of medicine I offer in my jewelry work. It's fascinating to hear the stories and to be witness to someone's transformation.

You might be coming to redesign a ring that was gifted to you, but you never really cared for. Or one you used to love but outgrew as you learned more about yourself. You might be including an ancestor, you might be honoring a loss, celebrating a huge marriage milestone. Whatever it is, the process is built to hold your story with care.

It is often a surprisingly moving experience for people, resulting in new feelings of empowerment, having your voice heard, of being seen, of getting connected. A deep act of love and self-care."

— Kate Ellen
Founder/ Goldsmith

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