• We happily repair jewelry bought at Crown Nine.
  • We review each repair on a case-by-case basis, some repairs incur cost, others do not.
  • Each artist sets his/her own repair policies and turn around times and charges vary.
  • We never mark-up/make money on repair services, we provide it only as a service to take care of your treasures.
  • We do not do general repair work for jewelry purchased outside the shop.


Guest Artist Jewelry

  • We can help you resize any ring/ necklace/ bracelet that you purchased at Crown Nine.
  • We review each resizing on a case-by-case basis, some repairs incur cost, others do not.
  • Each artist sets his/her own repair policies and turn around times and charges vary (typically ranging from $10-$100).
  • Crown Nine receives client materials with the purpose of resizing and/or repairing only and does not function as an insurer of the articles left in custody.
  • Our role is coordinator between client and outside artist, we do not perform outside repairs and not responsible for quality of repair or order.

In House Jewelry

  • All Vow Collection rings come with a complimentary fitting and resizing.
  • There are limits to how much we can adjust a ring without disturbing the integrity of the ring.
  • Rings that require a full rebuild due to incorrect size will incur a fee.
  • Rings that need more than one resizing may incur a fee.
  • We offer complimentary sizing prior to purchase.
  • Clients assume full responsibility for selecting the accurate initial size

How to Initiate a Repair or Resize

  • Email or
  • Call us at 510-251-9000 or
  • Pop by the shop during regular business hours.
  • Standard turnaround for In House resizing is 1-7 business days; exceptions may apply
  • Turnaround times for Guest Artists vary widely.


We count you as a partner in getting the correct size for made-to-order jewelry.
  • Rings fit variably throughout our day and life.
  • The aim is the majority of the time your ring feels comfortable-- not squeezing or falling off.
  • Rings should be fit to the base of your finger, not your knuckle. It may be tricky getting the ring on and off, but the focus should be on where the jewelry is actually worn.
  • Fingers naturally fluctuate with our activities, diet, mood and weather; you will not have a 100% perfect fit 100% of the time. 
  • Fit also depends on your finger shape and the ring style.
  • Every person has their own preference for the feel of the ring.


  • Complimentary finger sizing in-store
  • Receive a free sizer in the mail
  • Go to any fine jewelry store and ask for a sizing-- it's trade practice to offer this service for free
To ensure your fitting is correct, please consider choosing a time when you:
  • Have not exercised recently
  • Have no alcohol in your system (including from last night!)
  • Have not had an overly salty meal
  • Are not especially hot or cold for any reason

NOTE: We size people to their current size, we do not size for anticipated weight-loss or gain.



  • Our products range in material. We carry gold, silver, bronze, brass, mixed media, semi precious and precious stones.
  • We DO NOT carry items with nickel (except for white gold alloys), pewter, or other unhealthful metals.
  • All our earrings are on posts/wires are silver, 14k or 18k gold, platinum, and on occasion 14k gold fill.
  • If you have allergies and need a different metal for earrings, please let us know. We are happy to accommodate and offer recommendations.


  • Ensure the longevity of your piece by treating it like the precious treasure it is.
  • We stand behind our craftsmanship yet the nature of jewelry is delicate.
  • We recommend removing jewelry during
  • sleep or showering
  • strenuous activities
  • working with chemicals
  • swimming in chlorinated or sulfur natural spring pools
  • anything that causes excessive abrasion
  • Jewelry should go on last in your morning routine; after your scents, lotions and hair have dried.
  • Best to take off your jewelry and wipe it with a cotton rag (cotton only, paper towels are abrasive)
  • Store it in a closed box or plastic bag to prevent tarnishing.
  • For more low-maintenance care, just wear it and store it however works best for you and learn best practices for occasional cleaning.
  • Most metal jewelry can simply get soaked in warm water with a mild dish soap like Joy or Dawn. Rub with cotton rag or a soft bristled toothbrush for deeper cleaning.
  • Brass and bronze items can be cleaned with products like Brass-O and a soft cloth.
  • Silver can be touched up with a polishing rag specifically designed for jewelry care.
  • Stones vary widely in best practice for care and cleaning.
  • Items with oxidized or brushed finishes may require special care.
  • Mixed materials from some of our artists require special care.
  • Please Contact Us if you have questions.