Bespoke Designs 

are made-to-order, for you. All Kate Ellen's Vow Collection wedding and engagement rings can be specifically made to your desired specifications. Working together we'll advise you on all your options, including:

  • Metal type and color
  • Stone type, shape, grade, and color
  • Surface textures
  • Matte or polished finish
  • Band shape and size
  • Elevation and profile
  • Engraving
  • Accent stones
  • Prong or bezel style and size
To start the process of creating a bespoke version of a Vow Collection ring, you're welcome to come by the shop anytime to chat with one of our stylists. Walk-ins are welcome but during weekends we encourage booking an appointment, Book Here.
If you are not in the Bay Area, we have extensive experience working with people remotely via email and telephone, so don't be shy! Email us at or book a consultation.


Custom Designs

are one-of-a-kind start to finish. You will work collaboratively with Kate Ellen to make an heirloom ring complete with concept design, sketches, and stone selection.

Custom designs are best suited for folks with the ability to take creative leaps. Kate Ellen will assist in fine-tuning your initial idea, so come with inspiration and original concepts and welcome the give and take of developing it into a final ring. 

Due to the labor intensive research and development intrinsic to creating a completely one-of-a-kind design, be prepared for a base price of $1500 plus materials. 

Custom design services are open to both local and remote clients. To get the ball rolling, please book a consultation.


Private Consultation

Book a private appointment with Kate Ellen to go over your project concept in-depth. We recommend this step for folks who are interested in a bespoke ring, and require it for anyone seeking to do one-of-a-kind custom design. Consultations are booked for $125 deposit, applied to any final purchase and includes the hour time slot, quotes, and when applicable sketches. Book Here.


Gem Stone Viewing

Kate Ellen also offers private gem-stone viewing appointments for those who are interested in selecting their own stone. This options is ideal for people looking to use a color gem-stone or are purchasing a diamond over 1.25CT. Nothing beats seeing them in-person, side-by-side. Gem Stone Viewings are booked for a flat fee of $200 and include a one hour consultation with 3-6 stones to view with no obligation to buy. Open to local and remote clients. Book Here.

Use your own stone or gold 

We accept heirloom materials on a case by case basis. The pride of Kate Ellen's work lies in sourcing and pairing stones with complimentary mountings, so in the vast majority of cases we only use stones she selects herself. That said, sometimes client stones match our sustainability and aesthetic criteria and can be used. 




When can I expect my ring?


In Stock Rings

1-4 Days

If ordering online
we will ship it out same or next day.

For the Locals
All the rings in our physical shop are ready to go home.
You can come into the store and simply pick it up (or we can ship too!)

If your ring requires resizing we will email you an estimated ship date--
usually in about 4-5 business days.

Bespoke + Made to Order Rings

1-5 weeks

Delivery times vary widely depending on the style. We assign a delivery date when orders are placed.

Turn arounds for each ring style are listed under 'The Ring' dropdown in each product listing.

If you would like a firm date, please Contact Us and we will happily give you one.

Fully Custom

3 Months

Please give yourself 3 full months.
It takes a few weeks to establish the design, sketch, approve and another 6-8 weeks for sourcing
and fabrication. Some projects are faster, but ideally give yourself time to draft and decide.


Can I Get My Order Faster?


We can rush some projects, each taken on a case-by-case basis and at a fee. If you have a hard date (like a wedding!) please share that with us, we'll do our best.


How is my order shipped?


Complimentary shipping 
USPS Priority Mail takes 1-3 days after fulfillment 
Tracking and signature confirmation included. 

$35 USPS Priority Mail takes 1-2 days. 
Tracking + signature confirmation included. 

$50 UPS Overnight arrives next day. 
Tracking + signature confirmation included. 

    Your package will require a signature; please ship to an address where someone can sign.


    How will my order arrive?


    • Packaged with a ring presentation box, pouch, and notecard, securely placed in outer shipping box from carrier
    • Information pamphlet on Jewelry Insurance. 
    • GIA Certificate (rings with .50CT diamond or larger).
    • Invoice receipt.

    Can I return my order?


    All Vow Collection items are final sale. Occasionally we can exchange an item for a design of equal or greater value, taken on a case by case basis. See our Fine Print for a full look at our terms.


    What about resizing the ring?


    • All Vow Collection rings come with a complimentary fitting and resizing.
    • We offer complimentary sizing prior to purchase.
    • There are limits to how much we can adjust a ring without disturbing the integrity of the ring.
    • Rings that require a full rebuild due to incorrect size will incur a fee.
    • Rings that need more than one resizing may incur a fee.
    • Clients assume full responsibility for selecting the accurate initial size


    How should the ring fit?


    We count you as a partner in getting the correct size for made-to-order jewelry.
    • Rings fit variably throughout our day and life.
    • The aim is the majority of the time your ring feels comfortable-- not squeezing or falling off.
    • Rings should be fit to the base of your finger, not your knuckle. It may be tricky getting the ring on and off, but the focus should be on where the jewelry is actually worn.
    • Fingers naturally fluctuate with our activities, diet, mood and weather; you will not have a 100% perfect fit 100% of the time. 
    • Fit also depends on your finger shape and the ring style.
    • Every person has their own preference for the feel of the ring.


    How can I get sized?


    BEST OPTION: Come in for a complimentary finger sizing in-store

    • OR Go to any fine jewelry store and ask for a sizing-- it's trade practice to offer this service for free
    • OR Receive a free ring sizer in the mail
    To ensure your fitting is correct, please consider choosing a time when you:
    • Have not exercised recently
    • Have no alcohol in your system (including from last night!)
    • Have not had an overly salty meal
    • Are not especially hot or cold for any reason

    NOTE: We size people to their current size, we do not size for anticipated weight-loss or gain.


    Do you work on custom designs with clients outside the Bay Area?


    Yes. We work with people all over the US on both Bespoke and Custom designs. The process in done over email and telephone. To begin, please Contact Us.

    How sustainable are your designs? What kinds of materials are used?


    Very! We're proud members of Ethical Metalsmiths. Check out our Sustainability Jewelry page to learn more.

    How much does the labor cost compared to the materials?


    Labor is included. We do not alter the price of artwork but are happy to make suggestions that are perfect for your budget.

    Can I just purchase the mounting?



    I have my own gold, can I use that?


    Yes, for many designs we can use your gold. While it is more sustainable, it doesn't change the final price of the purchase. We really encourage this more as a sentimental/ecological motivator rather than a budget one.

    I have my own diamond/gemstone, can you set it for me?


    On a case by case basis. The pride of Kate Ellen's work lies in sourcing and pairing stones with complimentary mountings, so in the vast majority of cases we only use stones she selects herself. That said, sometimes client stones match our sustainability and aesthetic criteria and can be used. Please Contact Us for us to review your project.

    Do you do installment plans?



    What about after I buy the ring?


    We are happy to service your ring with refinishing and cleaning whenever you feel like it (we highly recommend getting engagement rings touched up before the big day). You will also be responsible for upkeep of the ring, annual visits to a fine jeweler to check the setting is recommended. We suggest adding your ring to your renter or homeowner's insurance policy or buying a jewelry specific policy, and getting a third party appraisal. We can provide you with the necessary paperwork and/or arrange a third party appraisal on your behalf.

    What kind of paperwork do you provide?


    Invoice with order details
    GIA certificate (for rings with .50CT stone or larger)
    Pamphlet on insuring your ring
    Information on jewelry care
    We can arrange a third party appraisal on your behalf for $200 which is generally required by insurance companies


    The Fine Print


    To review our full list of Terms and Policies, please review our Fine Print.