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Welcome Oakland Artist, Marja Germans Gard, for a one day only Pop Up in our shop. We have carried the simple, modern, style transcendent jewelry of Marja's for six years strong. I'm about to get all mushy on this lady because she is special to me-- we've watched each other grow and supported each other all these years.

Marja Germans Gard

Marja Germans Gard

Marja Germans Gard Stud Earrings

Marja is one of the folks who taught me, personally, that:

1. Work with people you like. If I'm going to take on the risk of running my own business, might as well be very picky and selective about who I work with-- afterall the only boss I report to is me! I do not need to suffer any fools :) So not only do our shop artists have to hit aesthetic and craftsmanship standards, but they also have to be 'together' business people who are pleasant to work with. Marja always brightens up the shop, she exudes self-actualization, which leaves so much room for good things to happen around her. I know that this thoughtfulness is in each piece of her meticulously designed and crafted jewelry too, which makes wearing it all the more powerful.

2. Don't be afraid to change directions. Marja made a big transition in the last few years to grow her fine jewelry collection. It's inspiring to see artists draw closer to what they truly want to make even when they cannot answer the question, "Will this work?" business-wise. I've always found that following the money, or starting with the money question, moves you down the road, but often in the wrong direction. Instead, follow the inspiration, the drive itself, the thing in you that just needs to get out... and if you do that well, well... the money is likely to follow.

So anyways, all this to say that Marja and her beautiful, transformational work is popping up this Saturday 12/16 from 11-6 and you can get a chance to see what I'm talkin' about. Come meet the artist, hang, play dress up-- and we will have some exclusive in store sales going too.

If you cannot make it in store, be sure to sign up for our email list to receive a 10% off discount code to purchase her work online this Saturday.


xo Kate Ellen

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